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Tuesday, May 25, 2010 | 9:00 PM

Attire : NPCC Full Uniform

We went to the Hong Kong Police Headquarters :)

It was our first time wearing full uniform with stockings but it did not make any difference. We had to fall in so the boys filled up the first 2 ranks and the girls hid behind them.

We also toured around the headquarters but I am not very sure of what those places are called.

A female police officer, CI Kevin and CI Terence gave a speech in the Media Briefing Room. 

The temporary cell room where offenders could be detained.

Custody suite? If you hide in any part of the room, they will still be able to find you by using this.

Identity Parade.

I have seen this many times in the Hong Kong dramas and I finally get to step into this room :) The one way mirror prevents the suspect from identifying the witness. For more information on one way mirror, this is the wikipedia link -

Whenever I watch the show, I always think "how did they managed to get so many suspects?"

Some of you might know but for those who still have no idea, they just pull some actors, prisoners, police officers or just anyone to fill up the rows and reserve one space for the real suspect.

Kevin and me.

Terence and me.

Gideon with his 10 minutes wife. He thought of bringing her back to Singapore. He almost fell asleep while hugging it.

Talking to his wife, confessing his love for her. What if it was a male bear?

We had lunch at somewhere near the Police Headquarters. Look at the huge bowl of rice! Nishanth can finish everything and look the the boys' looks. All of us were starving.

After lunch, we had 20 minutes of shopping. Instead of some proper shopping, Eileen, CI Jolene and I spent 15 minutes gossiping. We bought the Hong Kong bubble tea :)

We boarded the coach and set off to another destination - Junior Police Call Clubhouse Tai Po District :)

This is the clubhouse with 100 years of history. NPCC should also have clubhouses for the cadets as well so we can have a stronger bond with one another :)

This tree is as old as the clubhouse or even older. 12 people can form a circle around the tree :)

Their Outstanding JPC Garden :)

They are allowed to plant their own plants there.

Queenie with her own plant :)

Guess what they use as substitutes of scarecrows?

CDs to discourage crow from disturbing! Because they will reflect light from the sun :)

This pond has no fishes, only water lilies and we still stared at it for 10 minutes until an officer came over, "what is so interesting about this pond?" and we turned, looked at one another and laughed!

Interacting time with the younger JPC members, those smaller kids :) So we played some games with them.

From there, we can see Shenzhen :)
This shows that we are actually very far from the city area. What is Singapore compared to Hong Kong?

They also have a temporary cell in the clubhouse.

Bade goodbye and left for out dinner. It was a very long ride back to the city.

We changed into our normal attire after dinner before boarding the open top bus where it will bring us to Ladies Street. We toured around their city, streets and highways :) The wind, very shiok! When entering the tunnel, we cannot even scream.

The christmas decorations on the buildings.

This shopping centre is the one opposite the hotel my family and I stayed 5 years ago :)

Okay... Gideon and Syarif... Okay... 

Gideon and Yang Zhi tried zipping up their jacket all the way and only Yang Zhi succeeded. Gideon's head is too big and he claimed that big head = big brain = smart.

Like I have said before in the previous post, their mannings is our guardian and their wellcome is our shop N save :)

This church appeared in Moonlight Resonance before and I am pretty sure it is the same church :)

Ladies Street is like any other Singapore night market but it is cleaner and more crowded.

We need to go in our groups again, our movement is kind of restricted. That was my first time bargaining with some aunties. HKD150 bracelet,I got it for HKD50. Actually there are nothing much at Ladies Street. I wanted factory outlet but they cancelled the trip to there.

When we reached the hotel, it was already 11PM. I bought some bracelets and a watch.

What we've got from the Junior Police Call :)

Cute figurines!

An awesome but long day. It was all worth it, gaining new knowledge and making new friends :)


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